Employee Awareness Towards Career Planning and Preparedness to Combat Career Challenges


  • Savita Shastri Adjunct Professor, Department of MBA, Surana College, Bangalore, India


Career, Planning, Career Challenges, Career Management Strategies, COVID-19


An individual’s career is susceptible to numerous uncertainties as a result of which career graphs and career plans are adversely affected. Career Plans are made keeping in mind one’s strengths, talents, competencies, and interest areas and aim at achieving a Career Goal. Career Path helps in progressing in the direction of achievement of the set Career Goal. During an individual’s work life, there are career obstacles and challenges that crop up owing to internal and external exigencies. Uncertainties at work can fall into four categories which if left unattended can pose a threat to one’s survival at workplace. The most difficult to handle and face would be Environmental Uncertainties which could be related to internal as well as external factors. The COVID 19 pandemic is one such external environment uncertainty which has upset the career plans and career graphs of many employees. Every individual must carve out a Career Management Strategy to ward off career challenges. Employers also have a primary role in managing the career plans of its people. This study examines the awareness level of employees towards planning their career and understand their preparedness to combat career challenges.