Perception and Response of Salaried Professionals towards Telemarketing of Financial Products


  • Ms. Chandana S Department of MBA, Surana College (Autonomous), Bengaluru
  • Prof. Savita Shastri Adjunct Professor, Department of MBA, Surana College, Bengaluru, India


Telemarketing, Financial Products, Response, Perception, Financial Institutions, Salaried Professionals


Marketers adopt many channels to reach out to their potential customers. Out of these various channels, Telemarketing is one of the most common channels used for marketing of products and services. Telemarketing in a traditional set up is usually done with the help of telemarketers; the modern telemarketing involves use of automated telephone calls, which is also referred to as interactive voice recorders. Telemarketing is an effective strategy to connect with existing customers and can also be used to target and attract potential customers. Telemarketing as a tool can also be helpful in collecting information about customer preference and disseminating valuable information related to products and services. Telemarketing is a popular marketing channel for financial products, but it can be difficult to generate leads and convert them into customers. This is especially true for salaried professionals in Bengaluru, who are often bombarded with telemarketing calls. This study investigates the perception and response towards telemarketing of financial products in Bengaluru. The study focuses on 110 salaried professionals, as they represent a large and important target market for financial institutions. The respondents have expressed discomfort as they receive telemarketing calls during working hours. They do not feel that telemarketing can help in building strong customer relationships. However, the respondents have responded positively to telemarketing calls and invested in financial products.