A Discourse on the Interrelation Between International Business Development and Globalization


  • William Lucas Senior Researcher, Institute for Research in Humanities, Toronto, Canada


Globalisation, Entrepreneurship, Cognitive, Culture


Nowadays, doing business anywhere in the world is easy due to major changes in global politics, technology and expanded educational opportunities. Globalization has helped in creating major changes throughout the world. Technological, social, economic and organizational changes have sprout out due to this phenomenon. International relationships have got intensified with the effect of globalization and it increased the importance of cultural dimension. Understanding the cultural context and seeking required adjustments to avoid problems will help the entrepreneurs to solve such culture related issues. Difficulties arise when managers take over the existing norms of one country to the other thinking that such norms are applicable in other contexts. Cultural factors make business work. This paper elucidates the link between social entrepreneurship, international business development, globalization and the English language in the international scenario.