The Future Prospects of Tourism Industry: An Inquiry


  • David Johnson Research Associate, Research Centre for Social Sciences, North Broad Street, Philadelphia, USA


Tourism, Future, Customers, Industrial heritage, Ethnicity


The cross-cultural interface that paves way for universal harmony and peace and the cultural exchange among various nationalities are considered as the crucial dimensions of tourism. Tourism is seen as an important economic option in many parts of the country. The scope of tourism in India is really vast. Private enterprises should be encouraged by the government bodies in promoting tourism in less popular areas. The scope of tourism industry in India is analysed and well explicated in this chapter. Tourism industry can propel the growth of a society. In addition to this, it enhances employability, contributes to foreign exchange and ultimately results in community development. Tourism development in a particular area requires an understanding of the demography, political and economic background of the area and the environmental situations in order to make it into an excellent tourist spot. For developing a strategic marketing plan, one has to comprehend the needs and necessities of the target customer and wants to match their needs with the infrastructure and facilities of the tourist spot.