A Disquisition on Forest Resources in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India


  • Shejul Meena Eknath Asst. Teacher, Good Shepherd School, A/P-Kadit, Tal-Shirampur Dist-Ahmednagar
  • Soniya Sonkar
  • Gadekar Deepak Janardhan


Forest, Resources, Ahmednagar, Natural and Human Resources, GIS


The forest has a unique significance. It houses many economic and environmental benefits. This vegetation keeps the environment in balance. In short, ecological plants provide shelter to the animals and also benefit the plants to maintain the quality of the environment directly and indirectly. Also, many economic activities are dependent on these forest resources, as a result of which there exists various job opportunities too. Temperature and rainfall are the major factors affecting the distribution and growth of forest. Therefore, the main objective is to study the geography of vegetation resources in Ahmednagar district. This research paper is based on the secondary data- those data collected from Directorate of Economics and Commerce, Ahmednagar district.