A Study on the Predominance of Physical and Psychological Variables of Calicut University Women Kho-Kho Team


  • Sooriyajith K V Assistant professor, KMCT college, manassery
  • Maneesha Abraham
  • Jithin Das T K


physical variables, psychological variables, factor structure, Kho-kho, university


The study was to compare the physical and psychological variables among women kho -kho players. Total of 12 women kho-kho players were selected for the study whose age group ranged from 18 to 25 years. Descriptive statistics such as Mean, median mode, standard deviation, kurtosis, skewness, cohesion, of variance, range, minimum score, maximum score, and 25th, 50th, 75th percentile score were found in order to get the basic idea of the data distribution. Descriptive analysis was done on all the predominant physical variables namely: Speed, Abdominal Strength, Explosive Power, Endurance, balance, Agility, Flexibility, and the Psychological variables namely: Emotional intelligence, Team Cohesion, Achievement motivation, Anxiety.  The factor analysis describes a procedure to identify the linear combination of variables (called factor), which have a large variance, ignoring the liner combination method selected for the primary solution of factor analysis.

Author Biographies

Maneesha Abraham

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Jithin Das T K

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