Using Kendall’s Co-Efficient Index Method for Agricultural Development in Ahmednagar District, M.S, India


  • Soniya Sonkar 1Department of Geography, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Dr. Deepak Janardhan Gadekar


Cropping intensity, Kendall’s ranking co-efficient index, Ahmednagar District, Composite Score, Agricultural development


This research paper is based on secondary data sources, the statistical data taken primarily from Statistical Bulletin of Ahmednagar district. Thirteen factors have been considered for making Agriculture Development of Ahmednagar District according to the tehsils. Using Kendall’s ranking co-efficient index with the composite score is the method adopted. Using Composite Score method for agriculture development, based on 10 parameters as well as the level, spans three types: high, medium and low. Geographical, socio-economic, political and technological factors affect the development of agriculture, preventing it in a particular geographical region completely or in a geographical region as a whole.