Irony in Victimisation: Psychological Trauma and Sexual Delinquency on the Anti-Heroic Characters of the Movies Orphan and Ratsasan


  • Ann Mary Joju Postgraduate in English Language and Literature The Department of English, Vimala College (Autonomous), Thrissur


Trauma, Psycho-thrillers, Victimization, Self, Childhood, Identity Crisis


Psycho-thriller movies are not just mere representations of mentally disabled or deranged
people, but a true expression of their inner feelings and emotions on a higher degree of impact.
The movies Orphan and Ratsasan exhibit a sense of otherness, which the major characters
named Esther and Christopher as they are excluded from their ease and comforts of life, right
from their childhood by people accusing them as insane or criminals. This paper thoroughly
examines their characters to excavate the major hidden reasons behind their crimes that are
portrayed in these movies. This study explores the social contexts of traumatic experiences and
the narrative strategies writers employ in fictions of trauma to engage readers in the ethical
dilemmas of trauma.