Attitude of Undergraduate Students Towards Educational Learning Platform


  • Sungjeminla Kohima College, Kohima, Nagaland


Online Teaching, Conventional, Undergraduate, Platform, Tukeys HSD


The present study aims to examine the attitude of undergraduate students of Kohima College Kohima, Nagaland, towards the learning platform. A descriptive method was used for the survey. A total of 165 Undergraduate students of the college were the sample population. A snowball technique was adopted to select the students. An attitude scale (Likert type) was structured in Google form for gathering the information, which was circulated for a specific time period. The collected data was analysed for mean, S.D, t-test and post hoc test using Tukeys HSD. Tukeys HSD post hoc analysis showed a highly significant difference between conventional and online teaching platform (Q=14.2582, p<.01) as well as between online and a combination platform of conventional and online teaching (Q=11.5162, p<.01) method. On the other hand, the attitude of undergraduate students towards conventional and combined platforms of online and conventional methods did not differ significantly (Q=2.7420).